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  1. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your approach to mediumship. My “clairs” are starting to develop beyond clairsentience and I’m also having what I feel to be visitations. It is unsettling at this moment in my journey, but if it is an aspect of the path of my highest self, I respect it and will work with it. Thanks again for the guidance!

    1. Post

      Yes! I love hearing from others who are on the same path! 🙂 Stay tuned because I am working on a couple ecourses to help people along their development journey. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for the reading on Thurs. After getting home and telling my husband about it, he cleared up some unknown facts. Yes, his mom and dad had a large wedding and mom wore a beautiful satin wedding dress.Also, in her younger years so always wore a hat to church. Awesome. Again, Thanks for the reading. I will have another reading in the future. Have a fantastic day!

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