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Hello! My name is Julie Darice and I’m a Psychic Medium. I am a teacher but I’m also an avid learner. My spiritual journey started in my childhood and continues to take me down paths that I feel Spirit is leading me. I meet people who are interested in what I have learned and I’m so excited to share this knowledge with you! I even have my own online New Age store called My Spiritual Learning Shop where you will find pyschic development products, crystal & gems, esssential oils, books & CDs, pretty much something for everyone

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My Journey, My Story

My journey started in my childhood when I grew up living in a cemetery where my Dad was the caretaker. However psychic tendencies are present on both sides of my family so it was only fitting that after years of not fully understanding my intuitions and abilities that I actively searched for someone who could mentor me. I was so fortunate to find an incredibly talented and ethical advisor to learn how to develop my mediumship. I constantly take classes and attend seminars on all topics related to the spiritual, metaphysical and energetic healing world. I have met a community of like-minded people and I am constantly learning from them. I want to share these interesting topics with you as I travel along my spiritual journey! I want to teach people about Spirit in a way that is unobtrusive and joyful. I want people to hear my stories and open their minds to the infinite possibilities. I want to inform people with the purest of hearts and best of intentions. I want Spirit to guide me where I need to be and if just one soul can feel some sort of peace from my messages then I am at peace with myself.

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